Anker Power Line Micro USB – The Best Micro USB Cable

If you’d like me to give a personal opinion about purchasing an extra micro USB cable, my top pick would be the Anker powerline micro USB. This is due to the fact that it carries all the right specifications with regards to the features and design it offers. Not only is this, the functionality, price and the overall look of this small portable device such that is worth the money. The best part is that you will instantly notice the difference with respect to the usability of the device if you have previously used other micro usb’s as well. It is due to this, Anker’s power line micro USB is known to be a must choice for everyone.

The micro USB of Anker is made in such a way which charges all sorts of devices very quickly which helps you in saving time especially when you are in a rush to attend a business meeting or just need to go out for some important chore and need your device charged accordingly.

Another factor which makes the Anker powerline micro USB a hit amongst others is that unlike other available options for USB, this particular brand offers durability in its products and same goes for this USB as well. The long lasting element of the USB is due to the PVC strain relief collars and Kevlar Fiber that is used in making the cable.

The durability aspect of the cable is also tested by the company in such a way where a cable is bent at least 5000 times to ensure whether they can last the knocks and bents and san still survive or not. This really shows how much the company is putting in effort to provide a product in the market which is sustainable and durable. Link here offer a good brand of durable product that will suit your needs.

With also having the most expensive model when compared to other USB’s, the Anker powerline micro USB also provides the aspect of affordability. They are available easily in the market for less than 10 dollars only. Not only you get this within this amount but also a 1.5 years warranty along with an impressive customer service as well. So if anyone is facing any problems, they are easily dealt with and are also provided with solutions accordingly with their amazing customer service that they offer.

Whatever you are looking for in a charging USB Cable, the Anker powerline micro USB ticks all the boxes as it meets all the requirements of the boxes. In short, they are quickest to charge, long lasting and also they are quiet easy on the pocket. They are also used to provide charging to diverse devices such as smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, external battery packs, e-readers and wireless headphone too.